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July 22 2017

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Collected from the Egyptian desert in March of 1846, the Helix desertorum specimen was sent to the British Museum, where scientists thought it had expired in transit. It was glued to a cardboard display card shortly after.

One day four years later, curators noticed something strange about their catatonic mollusk: the shell seemed to have moved from its glued position and a trail of discoloration followed it.

Archivists removed it from the card to give it a bath, with a suspicion the snail might have in fact been slumbering.

After just a few minutes of exposure to moisture, the snail’s head poked from its shell and surveyed its new home with four eye stalks.

As the snail adjusted to active life again, it became a minor celebrity and sat for a portrait by the museum’s zoological artist for inclusion in a book on mollusks, seen below:


Sleeping Beauty

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When you refuse to dance even if the beat is funky



if u dont pick a fav character to unhealthily project basically ur entire self onto then whats even the fucking point

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Tarun Tahiliani | Bridal Couture | 2017-2018

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San Juan PR 2013

July 21 2017

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This still fucking cracks me up

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ages ago i did a ‘what’s in their bag’ meme for my modern AU mystery incorporated and i figured i’d re-do it and actually draw the kids (+ pup) with their stuff

notes below!

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yall forgot daphne always keeps a spare shoe in her purse smfh


If you ever hear me breathe deeply it’s not because I’m annoyed it’s because I forget to breathe sometimes

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Scenes from Around the World: A Mash-Up Project,

South African couple Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger have dedicated their time to traveling the world. In 2015, the pair quit their 9-to-5 jobs and set off on a 2-year adventure. Along the way the couple has been taking photographs from over 40 countries and has compiled them into a unique series. The series features cleverly combined photos of landmarks and landscapes from countries across the globe. Intended to illustrate “how similar the world can actually appear,” each photograph seamlessly blends seemingly dissimilar architecture and nature into cohesive scenes.

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So in lore, vampires have this trait that I’ve almost never seen used, and that’s the fact that vampires are OBSESSED with counting things. Like, the Count on Sesame Street was almost certainly created specifically as a vampire because of this piece of lore.

Like, I read this vampire book years and years ago that explained that a surefire way to protect yourself from vampires getting into your house was to spread a ton of seeds on your doorstep–poppy and mustard seeds were particularly recommended for the purpose. Basically, if you suspected someone to be a vampire, all you had to do was drop a sackful of seeds on the ground in front of them.

If they didn’t immediately start counting them, they were not a vampire. However, if they WERE a vampire, they’d be seized with the urge to count all the seeds and they would not budge from that spot until they knew how many seeds there were in total. The point was to keep them there until the sun came up and killed them, because if they hadn’t counted all the seeds by sunrise they wouldn’t be able to leave. Presumably you could just go about the rest of your evening as normal, though no word on whether it’s possible to make them lose count and start over.

Having remembered this piece of lore, I want fewer stories about brooding tortured Edward Cullen-esque vampires. I want to start seeing more stories about math nerd vampires.

Vampire accountants who are an honest company’s best asset and a corrupt company’s bane because they are frighteningly accurate with the accounts and will not hesitate to blow the whistle on a CEO scamming money because fuck you for making the numbers wrong.

Vampire cashiers that don’t need to look at the register screen because they already mentally calculated your total. 10-items-or-less vampires who know goddamn well you have 20 items in that basket and NO, you cannot just slip in with the rest.

Vampire math tutors who are constantly in high demand and have to hold lotteries to see who gets to be tutored by them.


If anyone would like the term for this, it’s arithmomania.

This was in Dracula 2: Ascension, and it turned out he could just count supernaturally fast.

Sesame Street just got 100% more clever.

It was often suggested that you keep rice or sand in your pocket to throw behind you because the vampire would have to stop and count every single grain.

I cannot believe Pocket Sand is a viable defense against vampire attacks

this is also viable for faeries! they will count anything spilled in front of them, and physically cannot fight the urge to do so


the most annoying thing about summer is whenever you feel a mysterious tickle you think it’s a bug tryna make your flesh its new home? then you slap yourself for no reason only to realize ain’t no bug even there. now you lookin dumb. tryna fight imaginary bugs all summer and shit. but you won’t learn. you’ll just keep smackin yourself

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The Neon Demon (2016) dir. Nicolas Winding Refn


fyi if you’re a tiny child, there was a time when browsers didn’t have tabs. you just had the one window and had to open a separate window for every other page you wanted open simultaneously. it was real bad

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